Our production lines are increasingly green-oriented, with ignition coils and spark plug cables for hydrogen, bioGas, Liquid Gas (LNG) and dimethyl ether (DME) fuels, said Antonio Braia, managing director of the Matera-based company.

The new products are mainly dedicated to stationary engines although there is no shortage of applications for automotive engines. Given the high interest in the industrial vehicle market demonstrated by the numerous contacts in the company and during national and international trade shows.

“In particular, our R&D department is focusing on hydrogen fuel systems, which are at the center of our investment programs, given the important evolution from diesel engines to LNG and hydrogen engines,” Antonio Braia stressed further.

“This flexibility of ours to work with green fuels comes from far away, says Paolo Braia Resp. Production and Logistics of Brecav, since the late 1990s we have introduced the GoldenLine line specifically for CNG and LPG car engines, the GoldenLine cable is a cable with very high spark performance with a conductor studied and evolved over the years to make the combustion performance of CNG and LPG cars excellent and without backfire”.