Powertrain defines the source of power and all components that convert engine power into vehicle movement, such as transmission, differential and axles. What is the power source of passenger cars and commercial vehicles?  They are powered by an internal combustion engine, one or more electric motors, or a combination of the two. The most common types in Europe are gasoline engines, diesel engines, gas engines generated or transported in different ways.

Nowadays it is increasingly common to see an offer of hybrid engines, i.e. combining electric motors with internal combustion engines, sometimes there are also direct power intakes and these are called plug-in.

Brecav is Powertrain Solution thanks to its green spirit that distinguishes it since its birth. The attention to details, the attention to create tailor made products for the automotive, bus, truck, aeronautical and marine market, have led the research team, led by Raffaele Braia, to develop products from a problem solving point of view, even if in small quantities, for ignition wire set, ignition coils, pencil coils, cable lugs, extensions, fuses and booster cables.