How to buy on-line

For Brecav and its Distribution Network, on-line purchasing allows the company to have close relations with customers and also to gain more customers. Orders made on-line arrive to Brecav via e-mail after the customer has filled in the registration form (for the first time only) or inserted a Username and Password (for registered users). The contact information, including all the particulars of the client, are then forwarded via fax or e-mail to the local Brecav distributor who dispatches the order. Payment: customers can pay by bank transfer or on delivery with a €10.00 surcharge for the latter.


How to buy on-line

The on-line catalogue illustrates the entire cable range and you can look for an article by code, make, model, engine capacity, engine type, year, category and material. For example, if you wanted to buy an ignition cable for an Alfa Romeo 166 i Turbo V6 2 litre, the search would be by model (remember that the search parameters can be different)

  • Click on Search
  • Click on the Brecav code that corresponds to the model you are looking for (in this case  01.542)
  • The product specification sheet appears
  • To buy the cable, click on add to basket
  • The next page shows the price of the product and highlights an important aspect of who shops on-line: a 20% discount on the price list.
  • Click on Order
  • If you are not a registered user, you will be asked to register by filling in the Client Registration Form
  • After the Client Registration Form, you are asked to confirm delivery details and accept the General Sales Conditions, before being assigned a order confirmation number that can be used in all procedures.

The client will also receive via e-mail the confirmation of the order, and if he/she has just registered also a Username and Password.

Distributors’ Area for Distributors.

To gain access, you must type in your Username and Password. The Distributors’ Area includes:

  • Brecav informs

Summarizes the most recent information surrounding Brecav and the Aftermarket in general

  • Orders

Buy on-line by inserting the Brecav code and the desired quantity, in full respect of the contractual agreements held with each distributor

  • Price List

View the full Brecav price list, including updates

  • New Products

Keep updated on new items

  • Search the Catalogue

In the area dedicated to the on-line catalogue, there is an area reserved Find the item you are looking for by code or product description and order on-line